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Data Fields Exporter for ACT!

Data Fields Exporter for ACT! is the ultimate utility to export your ACT! data to be used by any other programs that support the import and access of .csv files.

With 100% Guarantee, Data Fields Exporter provides you with the best of both worlds, the capability to export the data and the piece of mind that it will succeed. If you are unable to export the data, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to provide us with the database for us to export it for you! Easy as eating cake!

Standards Based Exports

The resulting .csv data from all the exports can be imported into a variety of software platforms from Excel, Access or even to other CRM packages.

Trial Export

Our Downloadable Free Trial allows you to export a limited number of contacts from your database for your viewing.

Download Data Fields Exporter for ACT! 2007 and beyond...
Download DFE for ACT! 2000/6.0


*** 100% Guaranteed!!! ***

We guarantee your export. Whether the software exports or we do it for you, you are guaranteed that your data will be exported.

If our software does not export your data, you have 30 days to send us your database and we will export it for you.



For ACT! 2007 through 2013






For ACT! 2000/6.0